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He has the most sensible immigration reform plan I have ever heard!


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The Republicans' focus is on making themselves rich and reversing everything that President Obama did (obviously, they don't want people to think that a black person can be a good President). The oldest trick in the book is to blame all the country's problems on one group - in this case, immigrants. Of course, the vast majority of immigrants are beneficial to the country, since they come here because they like how we live and govern. The Republicans also passed the disastrous tax reform that mostly benefitted corporations and the rich and vastly increased the national debt (benefitting the banks and other creditors). Stupidity like that can't be faked! By increasing the standard deduction, they also removed a large part of the motivation for donating to charity! Selfish and cruel - no longer the party of Lincoln, to say the least!


Donald J. Trump


Trump is - no doubt - the worst President of all time. Promoting a wall on the border with Mexico shows just how stupid Trump is. On much of the border, it is physically impossible. It also causes the death of thousands of people who attempt to cross the desert on foot. It also prevents our native animals, such as the wolf and jaguar, from travelling to find food and mates. That is also a problem for all species affected by global warming. Trump embodies, in spades, the current Republican traits of selfishness, greed, and the hatred of anyone who is different. He is squandering the good will that the country has built up over more than 200 years.


Joe Walsh



William F. Weld





6 Democrats Would Beat Trump If The Election Were Held Today, According To A New National Poll

News 14 Hours AgoBusiness Insider

Six 2020 Democratic presidential candidates would defeat President Donald Trump in a one-on-one general matchup, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

If the election were held today, former Vice President Joe Bidenwould beat Trump by a margin of 53 to 40%, while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would beat Trump 51 to 40% and California Sen. Kamala Harris would come out ahead of Trump by 49 to 41%.

The poll found that Trump's national approval rating has slightly improved over the past month but is still underwater at 42% approval and 53% disapproval. 

Trump and Biden have quickly become each other's biggest foes and ramped up the intensity of their public insults and jabs at each other.

The same day that Biden slammed Trump as "an existential threat to America" in an Iowa speech, Trump called Biden "a dummy," "mentally weak," and "1% Joe" in remarks to reporters. 

Six of the 24 declared 2020 Democratic presidential candidates would defeat President Donald Trump in a one-on-one general matchup if the election were held today, according to a national Quinnipiac University poll released on Tuesday.

The poll, which was conducted between June 6 and June 10 and surveyed 1,214 voters nationwide with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, found:


Former Vice President Joe Biden beating Trump by a margin of 53 to 40%.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders beat Trump 51 to 40%.

California Sen. Kamala Harris came out ahead of Trump by 49 to 41%.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren defeated Trump 49 to 42%.

Both New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg pulled ahead of Trump 47 to 42%.

The poll found that Trump's national approval rating has slightly improved over the past month but is still underwater at 42% approval and 53% disapproval. 

"It's a long 17 months to Election Day, but Joe Biden is ahead by landslide proportions," the Quinnipiac pollster Tim Malloy said in a release announcing the poll. 

"That said, the Trump bump to 42 percent job approval is nothing to sniff at. It's one point shy of the best Quinnipiac University survey number ever for President Trump," Malloy added. 

Breaking down the demographics of Biden's head-to-head lead over Trump, Quinnipiac found that Biden comfortably leads among African American voters 85 to 12%, among female voters 60 to 34%, and among Hispanic voters by 58 to 33%. 

Biden, however, leads by only a 1-percentage-point margin of 47 to 46% among both white and male voters.

While the general-election cycle won't begin for another year, and Biden isn't guaranteed to be the nominee, Trump and Biden have quickly become each other's biggest foes and ramped up the intensity of their public insults and jabs at each other.

This week, both are set to campaign in separate parts of Iowa. In a Tuesday speech in Davenport, Iowa, the text of which the campaign released ahead of time, Biden directly attacked Trump as "an existential threat to America" and slammed the effect his tariffs have on Iowa's farmers. 

While addressing reporters on the White House's South Lawn before departing on his own jaunt to Iowa, Trump called Biden "a dummy," "mentally weak," and "1% Joe" — a dig at Biden's poor past performances in the 1988 and 2008 Democratic primaries.

"I heard Biden, who is a loser — I mean, look, Joe never got more than 1%, except Obama took him off the trash heap," Trump said, adding that Biden would be his preferred opponent and that "he looks different than he used to, he acts different than he used to, he's even slower than he used to be." 


What I would like to see:


Eliminate the Electoral College - make the U.S. more democratic.

Repeal the Second Amendment, which is obsolete and counterproductive.

Give top priority to our native wildlife and its habitat. We are 100% dependent on the existence and welfare of other species (indeed, most cells in the human body are beneficial bacteria)! That includes banning mountain biking and trail-building, and designating areas off-limits to all humans. Ensure that all major roads have safe wildlife crossings.

Put a halt to ocean acidification, global warming, air, water, and land pollution, including noise- and light pollution.

Eliminate homelessness by building dormitories and allowing retired motor vehicles to be given to people who need a safe place to sleep and lock up their belongings.

Give full support to, and make more use of, the United Nations. Where there are failures of governance, allow management professionals from the United Nations to step in and restore sanity.

Address problems (e.g. humanitarian crises) at their source, rather than downstream (e.g. refugees).


Have I missed anything?


Mike Vandeman