Mike Vandeman
August 19, 2022



  1. The only people who should be involved in deciding whether to abort are the mother, father, and their doctors.
  2. Anti-abortionists say that no viable fetus should be aborted. But the only way to determine if a fetus is viable is to birth it, so this criterion is meaningless.
  3. By interfering with abortion, the Supreme Court majority is practicing medicine without a license, and should be arrested!
  4. The courts are subject to the Constitution, but also the laws of nature! Outlawing abortion will tend to increase the human population, which already threatens the biological integrity of the Earth.
  5. Doctors who are threatened with arrest won’t want to practice in that state, and medical care there will suffer.
  6. Pitting citizen against citizen will destroy the fabric of society, which is based on trust and mutual aid. Why would anyone want to live under such conditions?


What have I missed?