September 16, 1994

Kent Dunstan, District Ranger

Priest Lake Ranger Station

HCR5, Box 207

Priest River, ID 83856

Re: Saving the Grizzly Bear

Dear Sir:

It is obvious that we aren't doing enough to protect the grizzly. It is extinct in California, and will be so soon in other states, if we don't stay out of their habitat. The grizzly obviously will not tolerate the presence of humans and human artifacts like roads.

I would like to see habitat designated for them that is off-limits to humans, as large as possible, and I would like to see all human artifacts (such as roads) removed from those areas. The habitat should be restored, as much as possible, to its wilderness condition, and all habitat areas should be connected via broad wildlife corridors that the grizzlies will actually use.

If this cannot be accomplished within the framework of the present institutions (e.g. the Forest Service) and laws, then it is the institutions and laws that should be changed to accommodate the grizzly (and other threatened species). Wildlife simply cannot protect itself from humans. We have to deliberately act to preserve them, or we won't have them any more, which is not acceptable!


Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D.