Fri, 10 Dec 2010:

Subject: Re: Your favorite guy :)

Hi Mike,


You have got some on these newsgroups who really hate you. That is because you told the truth about mountain biking and that hurts like hell when you are in the wrong - and they know that.


Hang in there. I know how to put the bastards in their place.


Mon, 25 Oct 2010:
Subject: Re: Another Death from Mountain Biking!

Dear Mike:


I disagree, strongly, with the kind hearted suggestion given by your "friend". Yes, there is a lot of bad news coming from the world of mountain biking, but we all need to remain informed, and kept up-to-date regarding these deaths and injuries.


There is a culture war going on, and the casualty reports are an important part of it. I have used your information on deaths and injuries in serious conversation with some of my less informed friends who are blissfully unaware that mountain biking is a dangerous sport, as well as destructive to the environment. This was eye opening news to them.


You are doing a great job as it is. I say, continue as you have been.


Mon, 19 Jul 2010:

Subject: IMBA and 501(c)3 status

I saw your message to Lynn and I just want to say that I think I love you.

Excellent job! You rock.

Send the IRS as much of IMBA's lobbying documentation as you can lay your hands on. 

Sat, 17 Jul 2010:
Subject: Re: Red squirrels dying after picking up human bacteria from animal lovers

Thanks Mike.


That's why it's all the more important to follow your idea of specified areas for wildlife without human intrusion.


Wed, 14 Jul 2010:
Subject: Re: What's Next for Let's Move!

Hi Mike,


Excellent letter, but where do you get the energy to do this sort of thing.


You sum up a lot of very useful, accurate information very concisely. It would all be wasted on the bums of Usenet.


Thu, 15 Jul 2010:
Subject: Re: IMBA's Tax Exemption

You are GOOD! 


Sun, 11 Apr 2010:

I love your stuff, but I am just getting too many emails.


Thanks for the many years of very cool and wonderful posts.


Mon, 1 Feb 2010:
Subject: The Psychology of Mountain Biking

Mike Vandeman is the foremost expert in the world on the harm that mountain biking does.


Wed, 6 Jan 2010:

Subject: Re: Another Serious Mountain Biking "Accident"

Hi Mike,


I believe you may be saving lives by posting these notices of death and injury to mountain bikers.


Keep up the good work!