This is your brain (when you use it).

This is what happens when you don't use your brain.

wildlife (frog)


lugged hiking boots (create erosion)
a well-managed park! mountain bike (knobby) tire (creates erosion)mountain bike (knobby) tire (creates erosion)
mountain bike (invades and destroys wildlife habitat)mountain bike (invades and destroys wildlife habitat)
mountain bikers destroy rainforest illegally to build their playgroundmountain biker Kevin Aitken illegally destroying British Columbia rainforest
mountain bikers destroy rainforest for cheap thrills
why bikes don't belong in natural areas
why bikes don't belong in natural areas
want to be on this trail when he comes around a corner?
so mountain bikers just want to enjoy nature, just like everyone else?
what happens when someone actually CARES about naturewhat happens when someone actually CARES about nature
a typical mountain biker carries his mountain bike on his SUVa typical mountain biker trashes creek habitata typical mountain biker trashes creek habitattypical mountain bikers trash creek habitatmountain biker joyfully trashes creek habitat
mountain bikers riding off-trailmountain biker riding off-trailteaching children it's okay to ride off-trail
mountain biker riding off-trailmountain biker jumping
mountain unicyclists riding illegallymountain biker riding illegallymountain biker (Sam Gaze) sportsmanship
mountain bikers destroying wildlife habitat to make a trail
mountain biking destroying a regional park
this shows why mountain bikers should not be allowed to design trailsChristchurch Adventure Park (wildlife habitat destroyed for mountain biking)
mountain biker killed by a bear in BCbroken bike (shows the kind of force that mountain bikers apply to the ground -- or anything else in their way!)
mountain biking accident  no feeling below the waistmountain biker crashing
creating a mountain biking parkbuilding a mountain biking trail
mountain biker "enjoying nature"mountain biker "enjoying nature"
North Vancouver mountain biking politics
Cartoon by Steven DeCinzo
Cartoon by Stephen Pastis
bicyclists intimidate pedestrians (Copyright 1997 Andrew B. Singer)“scientist” who researches mountain bikingmountain biker demonstrates their insolent attitude
boats (invade wildlife habitat)raft (invades wildlife habitat)
jetski (invades wildlife habitat)jetski (invades wildlife habitat)
road (fragments habitat)road (fragments habitat)
roads fragment habitat (Copyright 1997 Andrew B. Singer)
Cars Kill Everything (Copyright 1998 Douglas Minkler)
why Trump was elected
heavy equipment (destroys wildlife habitat)

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