To-Do List for the Entire Planet (in No Particular Order)


1. Recycle plastics:

As if we didn't already have enough serious problems to deal with! Industry needs to solve the problem they created. I think that all industrial waste should be sent back the way it came to us. It should all come with the return address clearly indicated, "postage paid". The manufacturer is in the best position to recycle it.

2. Repeal the Second Amendment: no one, including the police, is capable of handling guns responsibly.


3. Restrict bicycles to roads, preferably paved (ban mountain biking).


4. Protect all public lands and ocean reserves from shrinkage or other harm.


5. Replace the burning of fossil fuels with thorium-based nuclear energy or cold fusion.


6. Ban the production and use of nuclear weapons.


7. Turn the United Nations into a world government, capable of stepping in to replace failed governments with professional management, thereby eliminating refugee problems (all problems are best handled at their source, rather than downstream).


8. As E. O. Wilson recommended, give wildlife half of the Earth, and prevent all human-caused extinctions. Make sure all roads have wildlife crossings.


9. Eliminate homelessness. Whenever a car is retired, put it into a legal parking space (preferably a parking structure with a public bathroom) and give the keys to a homeless person for them to sleep in and lock up their belongings. This will also reduce the use of motor vehicles, by reducing available parking spaces, thereby reducing air pollution and accidents.


10. Interview drivers, to find out why they feel they need to drive. Teach them how to accomplish their goals without owning a car.


11. Remove invasive non-native plants from our parks and gardens, to help bring back our native animals. Require students at all levels to participate in this habitat restoration. Include picking up all trash.


12. Ban the sale of tobacco products.


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