Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010
From: A Friend

As a former bike commuter for many years and Century rider, I am

outraged by the entitlement attitudes, resource damage, illegal

activity and lack of consideration for the safety of other trail users

by mountain bikers at Annadel (and other local public lands) over the

past several decades and recent activities.


Bikes are VEHICLES, going much faster than hikers and horseback

riders; a non compatible use, and their presence on narrow trails

presents a documented danger to other users. Many horseback

riders now avoid Annadel, especially since all trails became

multi-use. A recent death of am elderly hiker hit by a mountain biker

in Renton WA, and 20 some odd years of reports of hikers and riders

pushed off trails by mountain bikes should be a wake up call.


Two decades of so called education has only proven to be a failure

and proves that this user group is self centered to the extreme and in

total denial of their negative effects on the environment, or their

danger to other trail users.  Mountain bike leaders have been fined

and prosecuted for building illegal trails and costing taxpayers and

agencies thousands of dollars, and continue to do so.


In the article, bike shop owner Jim Keene talks about justifying

illegal trail building activity because there are not enough "ripping

trails". This is akin to me robbing a bank because I don't have enough money.


Furthermore, Mountain bikers have no rights to ride their bicycles on

public trails as proved by the lawsuit Marin Bike Council vs. Babbitt in the late 90's;

when the Marin Bike council sued the federal government over access to

all trails and lost; and further lost in Federal Court of Appeals.


20 years of problems, accidents, user conflicts, legal rulings, and

illegal activity are NOT hearsay, it is all documented.


Santa Rosa residents need to step up and take back their lovely State

Park before it becomes a de facto dustbowl mountain bike racetrack.

Hikers, bird watchers, wildflower enthusiasts and horseback

riders have tried to "get along" for years, and make all the

concessions but they are the user groups most likely to get hurt.  Mountain

bikers keep demanding more and more trials to "rip down", and freely

build illegal trails as desired.  Loudly demand a BAN ON ALL BIKES ON

TRAILS ... and mount citizen patrols to monitor it.


Also note that mountain bikers NEVER asked for, or received.

permission to ride Marin country trails in the early years, they just

started doing it. Sorry you guys don't like the FACTS, but your sport

is not appropriate, safe or compatible for other users on TRAILS in

parks used by others.  You have the choice to hike like everyone else,

or ride ORV parks where thrills, danger and speed are a given