Berkeley Transportation Commission

Proposed Resolutions


1. Whereas parking is one of the most wasteful uses for land imaginable (work parking spaces are unused for about 15 hrs. every day, and for the remaining 9, serve generally only one person; home spaces are unused for about 14 hrs./day, and use land that could be put to much more productive, environmentally sound, and aesthetically pleasing purposes; even for commercial spaces, it is easy to design uses that are much more profitable);

2. Whereas the automobile and its relatives constitute the greatest current threat to life on the Earth, and the problem they represent can only be solved by all of us doing our part;

3. Whereas any commodity that is free or subsidized tends to get over-used;

4. Whereas we all pay for parking provision, whether we own a house, rent an apartment, or buy goods, and whether or not we drive or own a car;

5. Whereas this subsidy constitutes an especial burden on the poor;

6. Whereas Berkeley's Zoning Ordinance mandates the provision of a certain minimum number of parking spaces, even if the owner or builder or business does not own or use an automobile, and does not wish to spend his/her/its limited funds in that manner;

7. Whereas our oil supplies will run out within a few decades, and most of our parking spaces will be an environmental and economic handicap;

8. Whereas automobile dependence puts our communities at an environmental, energy, and economic disadvantage;

Therefore, it is recommended that the City Council of the City of Berkeley:

a. Repeal the portion of the Zoning Ordinance that requires the provision of a minimum number of automobile spaces;

b. Ensure that on-street parking is still available to the handicapped.