Since mid-1995, CORBA/IMBA had been asking Dept. of Rec. and Parks for access to dirt trails in L.A. City Parks.  In 1996, Rec. and Parks denied access, but during the year 1996, CORBA, RAP, DOT and BAC continued to study opening City Parks to mountain biking.  This was done without public input. In Dec. 1996, CORBA, DOT and BAC recommended that RAP start a "Pilot" program for bikes on trails.

The Mountain Bike Working Group was put together in 1999 in response to public outrage about mountain bikers holding secret meetings with Rec, and Parks over a 5 year period. During this Working Group period, with many meetings, the IMBA and CORBA people boycotted the meetings after awhile as they weren't getting any traction with  their agenda to put bikes on dirt City Park trails.

After the boycott, the Working Group continued ahead and produced a document called The Majority Report which catalogued and documented biker/traditional user conflict throughout the U.S.  We collected letters and reports.  This Report was placed on the desks of every City Councilperson by .... In  2000,. the City Council voted unanimously to uphold the ordinance that prohibited bikes on City Park dirt trails.

As a sop to CORBA and IMBA, the City of Los Angeles purchased a 235 acre park in Mandeville Canyon for $5 Million Dollars and designated it for mountain biking.  At the time of this action, CORBA had promoted the Park as a "Pilot Program", saying that they needed this Park in order to bring "disadvantaged children from the Inner City" to this Park to teach them mountain biking. They were given a grant of $50,000 from Prop K funds to purchase bikes and to build a shed to store their equipment.  They promised the City that they'd bring 1,500 kids a month to this Park for their program. They were also to remain on the fire roads in the Park. They were required by the terms of the "Pilot Program" to make regular reports on their progress and activities.

To date, in the last 5 years, there never has been a shed built, no bikes purchased, and in 5 years, only one group of kids were ever brought there.  The Park is used exclusively by mostly white, upper middle class males between the ages of 20 to 45 years, old.  They drive their Porches with bike racks into the park to ride.

They've never reported what happened to the money, never reported on any activities with kids, and have done considerable damage to the trails and hills by cutting multiple trails throughout.