Fri, 30 Dec 2005:

Subject: Re: "Mountain Biking the Great Divide, Flathead National Forest, Montana" (Jan-Feb 2006 Sierra)

AMEN, Mike!

Here's wishing that more and more of us will read and heed your eloquent words! Here's to a new year of increased awareness of the damage we humans are doing to the very places we "love" - from the youngest to the oldest of us, and of every political spectrum!

Blessings to you and yours.

Wed, 21 Dec 2005:

Subject: Re: This I Believe

Thank you for the recent email regarding what you believe. Well said.

I enjoy getting your insightful emails from time to time, and although it may not seem that many people share you beliefs, they do.

People are so stressed with commuting and shopping and getting their kids to places that man has made to entertain them, that we forget what enjoyment we can get from the simple things in the great outdoors.

New York is strapped for public transit-a time you may wish you had a bicycle!

Well, I try to do my part and not get too bogged down. Very difficult -- I have to drive to a trail head to hike and even bike!

Just wanted to let you know that your emails don't go unread, and I will do what I can to pass on the message.

A very upset High School science teacher approached me recently with the 'fact' that high school students in California can graduate without getting much information about the environment. In my opinion we need to work on the school curriculum.

I have pledged do my part -beginning with the local area, preserve open spaces, get the message into the schools and the community. I am also somewhat involved in the Mojave Desert Wilderness areas and proposed Wilderness areas.

Tue, 6 Dec 2005:

Subject: "This I Believe"

Thanks for the very interesting email. We humans seem to be getting even further removed from nature and that will have very adverse effects for humans. Most of the people I know have no interest in the environment or in protecting it unless it is something that directly affects them. They are far more interested in material things and recreational activities. That is very unfortunate.

Mon, 28 Nov 2005:

Subject: Re: This I Believe

Thanks, Michael, for sending this ... I hope they put you on the radio: this is an excellent perspective....

Mon, 29 Aug 2005:

Subject: Re: "Piping plover or bomb threat -- beach closed"

It sure is strange, all these articles you are sending on bombs and beasts getting along so well. Seems like the only way to get no-humans-wilderness-zoning is to let the human's go bananas with their military paraphernalia and purposely turn large portions of Earth into giant DMZ zones.

If the areas allotted to each exclusive inhabitant (human vs. everything else) were reversed, the two-leggeds might get Manhattan.

Thanks for these little teasers. Sometimes you even send something that I can do a gratitude ritual for, instead of cranking up the protective mechanisms.

Mon, 29 Aug 2005:

Subject: RE: To Whom Does Gaza Belong, REALLY?

Looks perfect. Thanks for running it by me.

Sun, 28 Aug 2005:

Subject: RE: To Whom Does Gaza Belong, REALLY?

Mike --

I love your concept that the land belongs to the animals, because they have been there the longest.

But Gaza is not empty. Far from it. Gaza is populated with Palestinians.

Wed, 24 Aug 2005:

Subject: Wow!

Dear Michael,

What a truly spontaneous, honest and gutsy website. A breath of fresh air and a kick in the butt to boot! I am moved by your passion and fearless commitment.

With your permission I would like to feature your website (with a link along with my recommendations) on my website and next newsletter.

I learned and am learning a lot from your website. My partner and I have been sharing a car since our first car broke down. I had been reluctant to get another - due to the obvious environmental. impact, and now I am even more inspired that I did not. Instead both he and I got bought bicycles to ride around town. I was already aware of the horrors and damage of mt. bikes to nature - I would love to send you some photos of hillsides torn to shreds just north of Santa Fe. If I can get out that way, I will take some photos. I could post them on my website and if you want any I could send them along.

It was great to read the detailed info. on your site. I've seen the erosion here in the Mts. of Santa Fe, just from treaded shoes/hiking boots. I went barefoot for years in the jungles of Australia, and now while hiking, I wear only a thin moccasin to avoid the dreaded and disgusting dog shit on the trails - that people don't pick up.

I was interested in your info on rafting and am going to read more as to how it affects the environment. I have only ever been on two raft trips and I see the obvious - invasion (camping and all of it's ramifications) of humans driving wildlife from their habitat. But I will read more to learn what else you have to say about it.

I am excited about your work and what I can learn from your website.

Thank you Michael,

Sun, 3 Jul 2005:

Subject: Re: More Serious Injuries from Mountain Biking

Keep up the good work. Admirable.

Sat, 2 Jul 2005:

Subject: Re: More Serious Injuries from Mountain Biking

Keep up the great work with your information network. It is valuable information.

Thu, 2 Jun 2005:

Mike--Would it be acceptable to reprint some of the articles on your website in my Sierra Club or newsletters?

Fri, 6 May 2005:

Subject: Re: "IMBA Signs Breakthrough Agreement with National Park Service"

Hi Mike--

Thank you for making such a forceful, convincing case.

Thu, 5 May 2005:

Subject: Re: "IMBA Signs Breakthrough Agreement with National Park Service"

Excellent letter...too bad there is no petition link...keep us posted.

Wed, 4 May 2005:

Subject: Re: Berkeley High School Mountain Bike Racing Club

Great letter. It seemed to me that the exercise faction of the pro m/b argument was bogus.

Wed, 4 May 2005:

Subject: Re: Berkeley High School Mountain Bike Racing Club

Thank you, Mike, for speaking up for the environment

and stopping the bikes in their path.....literally!

Thu, 21 Apr 2005:

Subject: Would like to highlight your work in a lecture

Dear Mike Vandeman,

I saw the abstract "The Impacts of Mountain Biking on Wildlife and People" that you submitted for this year's Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium. I was wondering if I could highlight your work in a lecture that I'm giving as Teaching Assistant for a Behavioral Ecology class here at . The lecture is about how studies in behavioral ecology guide conservation and reserve design. I think your work would be especially interesting to the students because it is so current and relevant.

If you have anything specific that you would like me to say about your work, or images you would like me to show, feel free to send me a blurb or jpeg.

Wed, 20 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Impacts of Mountain Biking on Wildlife and People -- A Review of the Literature


This is to at least let you know that I received your excellent article. I've been so swamped this spring that I'm really behind on anything that isn't a burning priority.


May we quote from it and link to it on [our] web site?


Mon, 18 Apr 2005:

Subject: Walker Creek Ranch

Hi Mike,

A friend in Oroville, CA, has been forwarding your letters to me for a little over a year now. I've read through most of your web site. I'm impressed with the arguments you present and heartily agree with you.

I've been a mountain biker. Already an active hiker and exercise nut, I bought the bike several years ago to ride the 2.5 miles distance to the Post Office where I worked. It made more sense than driving my truck. Actually taking it mountain biking was a secondary consideration, and an admittance of a desire for thrills. I've been on perhaps only a dozen single-track trails and invariably felt guilty both for the destruction already caused by other mountain bikers and that which I must also be causing. So, I limited myself to service and ORV roads in national parks and recreation areas in California, Utah, and Colorado. A sense of disservice to local habitat followed me there. Now my feet only touch any trails and the mountain bike sticks to pavement.

I went to Walker Creek Schools website. Yes, it is hypocrisy for such an institution to sponsor a mountain bike race. This sport is in direct opposition with the school's mission & the students gain valuable knowledge and appreciation to help them to be more responsible stewards of the Earth's resources. (Quoted from the Overview at Unless the school's goal is to teach the students that seemingly innocent adventure sports can be irrevocably destructive, I see no advantage in providing for such a race. Taking a mountain bike on any dirt trail is absolutely not being a steward of the Earth's resources.

I have already used your argument that mountain bikers are not excluded from hiking trails as they are free to leave their bikes at home and hike the trail. I appreciate your astute assessments of these situations as they arise. Please add me to your email list.

Mon, 18 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope

May I share this with my population list? It is great.

Tue, 12 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope




Tue, 12 Apr 2005:

Subject: re: The Selection of a Pope

Thanks, Mike. I'm not Catholic, but I think the importance of the Cardinals' upcoming decision is enormous and could literally save or doom human life on this planet. Thanks for sending your letter. And even though it won't reach the Cardinals prior to their seclusion, it may help to influence the actions of the new Pope.

Tue, 12 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope

I agree.

Tue, 12 Apr 2005:

Subject: RE: The Selection of a Pope

Outstanding, Mike.

Tue, 12 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope

Great material, Mike. My wife and I led the fight to beat back a big, dumb highway project in our neck of the woods. I agree, wildlife (even if it is being destroyed) is a lot more fun then road construction.

Mon, 11 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope

Good letter Mike!

Mon, 11 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope

Hi Mike--

Great letter. I wish I could think you had any chance of convincing them

that "the saving of human souls pales in comparison with" anything!

Sun, 10 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope



Sun, 10 Apr 2005:

Subject: RE: The Selection of a Pope


I read your letter requesting that the new Pope has some understanding

of our fragile Eco System. Sorry to say that the whole Church and most

religions are based upon the all mighty buck. Now if a cat, dog, monkey

our maybe a hippo could send some money to the Church then they might

listen but, till that day your beating a dead dog.

By the way I was X-Communicate by the church and that was my lucky day,

it helped me find my own spitural self. I 200% believe in your work,

your a Pope in your own way spending your valuable time and effort

caring for others. We don't need a religious figure, we as humans need

to look into oneself and find the compassion beyond our selves to make a

difference for others. I believe your special and I'm hoping you will

work with me on a new book for kids at least they listen. Have you got

any ideas. I've been very busy with Earthdays and but right

after June I'm going to talk with you.

Thanks for being you and will talk soon.

Sun, 10 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope

Wow, good initiative Mike.

Sun, 10 Apr 2005:

Subject: Re: The Selection of a Pope

Just wonderful message Mike! To whom have you

delivered it?

I am just scared watching TV and see in Dallas

forbidding to teach evolution theory in high schools

and universities and now the Christian pharmacists

refusing to prescribe the after day pill and so on...

Real insanity!

Tue, 5 Apr 2005:


I've been receiving your emails for a long time but never have thanked you for your dedication and helpful information.

Mon, 21 Mar 2005:

Good morning, Mike,

Your research and article are impressive. Thank you for writing it and distributing it. May I have your permission to email it to hikers, equestrians and public agencies as it is on this email to you?

Sat, 05 Feb 2005:

Subject: Re: Mountain Bikers in Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Dear Mike

Good work. Thanks.

Sat, 8 Jan 2005:

Subject: Re: Greetings!

Loved the update Mike :). You are a breath of fresh air. I am on Michael Moore's email list. I didn't know you were a MM fan. Hope you had a happy holiday. Thank you for all you do for our environment!!!! I appreciate you and your knowledge!

Wed, 05 Jan 2005:

Subject: Re: Greetings!

Boy, Mike, you are busy as always.......! And always great causes.....