It is interesting that in all (and I do mean ALL) the discussion of the Middle East and the various conflicts there, the assumption is always made that every piece of land belongs to some group of HUMANS. Hmmm. Homo sapiens never even thought of going there, until 50,000 years ago. That would imply that the land is really owned by the native wildlife, who occupied it for the prior 3.8 billion years.

An obvious way of resolving land disputes thus presents itself: Instead of trying to decide who really has title, and since the people involved are unable to resolve their differences, GIVE THE LAND BACK TO THE WILDLIFE, from whom we stole it! Now THAT'S what I call fair! A wise mother, confronted with two children who can't agree on who owns a toy, might take it away from BOTH of them, at least until they can learn proper manners.

I vote for turning Gaza -- now that it is empty -- into a wildlife preserve -- similar to the Korean DMZ, and Chernoble.