Guns and the Second Amendment

Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D.

May 9, 2018


1. We should repeal the Second Amendment. It is obsolete. No one, including the police, is capable of handling guns responsibly. They shoot deaf people who disobey their commands! More than half of police killings not officially documented on US death certificates, study finds:


2. Guns don't kill people, bullets do. The Second Amendment guarantees that you can own a gun, but not ammunition! We should ban ammunition!


3. Japan doesn't allow people to own guns (except, occasionally, a rifle for hunting). Even the police rarely carry guns. It is one of the safest countries in the world. The same goes for Ireland.


4. Gun deaths, injuries in California spike following Nevada gun shows: Two


5. Students Shot Dead in a New Mexico High School:

6. House OKs GOP Bill Expanding Gun Owners' Rights:

7. Passenger had loaded gun at Orlando airport checkpoint:

8. 99% of the reports of gun use are of gun misuse!:


9. Texas Kidnapping Victim Was Fatally Shot During FBI Raid Meant To Rescue Him: 'The System Failed':


10. An 8-Year-Old Boy Loaded a Rifle and Repeatedly Shot His 4-Year-Old Sister, Prosecutor Says:


11. On a military base, only the military police are allowed to carry guns. That proves that guns are the problem: if they were the solution, everyone would be allowed to carry a gun.


12. California teacher accidentally discharges firearm during public safety lesson proving that firearm safety training doesn't work!


13. This proves that we will never be able to predict who will be a criminal. All we can do is eliminate the availability of guns!:


14. The (tongue-in-cheek-)truth about guns: How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety, from the American Association of Patriots.


15. It's not possible to predict who will commit violence; banning ammunition and repealing the Second Amendment are the the only options: "Police: YouTube Shooter Was Calm In Interview Before Attack"


16. Stricter state firearms laws associated with lower pediatric mortality rates from firearms:


17. 3-D printing of weapons threatens security on global, national and personal level:


18. Gun safety programs do not prevent children from handling firearms:


19. Ammunition with risks and side effects; Contamination of water bodies with metal ions from shotgun ammunition:
As I said, ammunition should be banned!


20. Youth Over Guns:


21. Gun Violence Archive:


22. Southern Indiana man accidentally shoots, kills daughter:


23. One in 3 US veteran firearm owners keeps a gun loaded and unlocked:

24. Oregon Boy, 3, Fatally Shoots Himself with Gun He Found in Unlocked Bedroom Drawer:

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