Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 12:24:12 +0100

From: (Sheila Gallagher)

Subject: Update on Marin ordinance


A huge thank you goes to everyone who was able to make it to the jet ski

workshop! Your presence really made a difference.

For those of you who weren't able to come, the Supervisors voted 4-1

yesterday to ask county staff to prepare an ordinance which would place a

complete ban on jet skis (to the fullest extent of the law). The ordinance

should be coming up for a hearing within the next few weeks (3-4), so

please try to keep your Tuesdays open.

While Supervisors John Kress and Harold Brown were pushing for a complete

ban, Supervisors Rose and Kinsey are on the fence. Please call Supervisors

Rose and Kinsey! They need to hear from as many people as possible that a

complete ban is needed. The main number is 415-499-7331. If you could also

pass on an action alert, that would be wonderful. I have placed an action

alert at the bottom of this email. If you prefer, I can also fax you a

copy if you would like to pass it on to friends, neighbors, at meetings,


In addition, I am asking everyone to call Supervisor John Kress and thank

him for pushing for a complete ban (415-499-7331).

Thanks again for all your help, and please contact me if you have any questions.





Jet skis cause a tremendous amount of air, water and noise pollution,

harass wildlife, cause serious accidents, and destroy the outdoor

experience for other recreational users (kayakers, swimmers, surfers,

birdwatchers, etc.). The California Air Resources Board has found that a

day's worth of riding on a jet ski releases as much pollution as does

driving 139,000 miles in a car. Jet skis have been found to disturb

shorebirds, seals, sea lions, sea otters, and other wildlife. Studies have

shown that jet ski pollution causes chromosomal damage in fish. In

California, jet skis accounted for only 17% of registered boats in 1997,

but were responsible for 52% of accidents.




On June 15, Marin County Supervisors voted to ask that an ordinance be

drawn up which would ban jet skis on county's waters off of the shoreline.

While Supervisors John Kress, Harold Brown, Annette Rose, and Steve Kinsey

voted in favor of this action, both Supervisors Rose and Kinsey are

hesitant. Many environmentalists and recreationalists are backing the ban

- Marin Audubon, Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, Marin

Bayland Advocates, As You Sow, Marin Sierra Club, Animal Legal Defense

Fund, Humane Society, Center for Marine Conservation and Surfrider spoke in

favor of a complete ban.


Please call the Supervisors Rose and Kinsey. Thank them for voting in

favor of moving towards a complete ban. Tell them that only a complete ban

will protect the wildlife, shoreline, air and water quality, public health,

and the reputation of Marin as a beautiful, quiet place full of natural


CALL Supervisors Rose and Kinsey at 415-499-7331 TODAY


Call or email Sheila Gallagher at Bluewater Network (phone: 415-788-3666

ext. 150, email:



Bluewater Network, a project of Earth Island Institute, is a non-profit

organization dedicated to reducing polluting and ecological degradation

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