Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003
Subject: Please consider removing this link from your web site

January 15, 2003

To: Board of Directors

American Trails

Dear Members of the Board: advertises the Bicycle Trails Council of Marin. We would

appreciate your considering removing this link from your web site as the

organization has been building illegal trails in Marin County for several

years wreaking havoc on the environment and adjacent properties and

neighbors. One of its directors last year was convicted of building a 4-mile

trail on federal land in Marin County. The Marin County Public Works

Department is requiring retroactive permits and environmental review. We

hope that you do not encourage this group by giving them credibility on your

web site. You can see photos of just one of the illegal trails at

More photos will be added later. The International Mountain Bicycling

Association (IMBA) has also contributed to the construction of these illegal


The Bicycle Trails Council of Marin has had its corporation status suspended

for several months now by the California Franchise Tax Board and the

Secretary of State.

Thank you for considering my comments.


Terri Alvillar

cc: American Trails Advisors