It was shot from a mountain bike. It shows EXACTLY what a waste of time mountain biking is. The riders pass through some beautiful country, but obviously too fast to SEE or EXPERIENCE any of it! That's like treating dancing as if it were just a means of getting from one side of a room to the other. How sad!


You can also see the rutting that mountain biking causes in the trail. And notice how the camera continually bumps up and down. The rider is experiencing every one of those bumps. It would be amazing, if that rattling didn't damage their bodies. I tried it once, on a dirt road. It was absolutely the most unpleasant time I have ever spent in a park in my life. Why anyone would want to do that to themselves (to say nothing of doing it to the park, wildlife, and other trail users) is beyond me.


It is also clear that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be aware of all the small animals and plants killed on this ride. The rider is going too fast, and has to give his full attention to not crashing.


P.S. It's best to watch it over a high-speed Internet connection.


"Pete Rissler" <> wrote in message


"Here's a video off our local mountain (Peavine) here in Reno, NV. About 7.5 mins, 70 MB. Video shot in April."


More videos: Note the widening of the trail and how ugly the land has become when crisscrossed by mountain bike tracks.