From a friend:

Mike, I will never again agree to be interviewed by a mountain biker for

anything -- documentary, video, thesis, term paper, magazine article, you

name it. I say this by hard and bitter experience. I have done so in the

past and what happened is that my words were twisted, taken out of context,

edited, and otherwise slanted to be, in several cases, the exact opposite of

what I actually said. Several promised to send me drafts -- which never

happened. One writer swore that the article was to appear in a reputable

magazine published by National Geographic -- and wound up being published in

Bicycling magazine. They are incapable of being impartial and will twist

the facts to suit their thesis.

Therefore, my standard response is, No, no and NO again. I do so

gently and with courtesy, saying that while "you" may be truly impartial and

honest, I have been tricked and swindled one time too many and therefore

"you" must bear the penalty. Period.

My advice to you is: Be careful!! Decline the request. Send her your

famous essay! And please do not refer her to me (;-))) -- I'm sure you

wouldn't anyway without my permission. I just hope to God that somebody

else doesn't sic her on to me. I sound bitter because I am -- I am still

furious at some of these cheats and liars.