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Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 09:24:35 -0700

Subject: [ROMP] Palo Alto crack down

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Yes Bob, direct peer pressure, along with tickets, works best. Rangers handing out little rewards for good behavior is nice for kids but kids aren't the problem. That MTB group that biked the closed part of Long Ridge Trail last Monday afternoon needs tickets and peer pressure.

Peer pressure can easily be met with violence so be prepared. On forums you'll get flamed. I've been physically threatened by jerks who won't walk their bikes through the underpass on Los Gatos Creek Trail at Camden. It is posted that bikers are to walk, has fencing to make biking difficult, and is too narrow for hikers and bikers to comfortably pass. It has a poor design but that's not the point. I have politely asked bikers to dismount and follow the rules and have been threatened many times. The self-centered arrogance at that point in the trail is pervasive and I find it disgusting. One observation: Many of the offenders are on Specialized.

- jim

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I think theres really only one way to improve the behavior of MBers, thats peer pressure. When its clear to people that other MBers do not admire their behavior but are angry about it, they will begin to change.

I once gave a ride home to someone on a ROMP ride, a 30 something male. In the course of the conversation, he bragged about poaching closed routes in ECdM. I think I told him mildly that I didnt think he should do that. I still feel guilty about it. I should have been forthright and honest about condemning such behavior. I lost a moment when I actually might have been effective in improving the situation.

We all simply need to be vocal with our fellow MBers. It doesnt even have to be face to face. If in casual conversation, these folks overhear MBers ridiculing the kind of behavior they engage in, they will be begin to internalize a different ethic.

To be sure, this will not work with everyone. Some people will always think they have a God given right as an American to act like an asshole if they feel like it. But many others will respond to peer pressure.

Cheers, Bob