Subject: The flip side
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 17:26:43 -0700

Here on Mt. Tamalpais, where I do lots of volunteer trail work, mountain bikers never volunteer to help repair the damage they do by riding illegally on the trails. Nor do they ever volunteer to repair the damage they do by creating illegal trails and all the illegal and destructive jumps and stunts they build. Not to mention the "swoops" off the fire roads that are everywhere on Tam. In fact, Jim Jacobsen and the BTC of Marin has never even apologized for all the negative  and frightening encounters others have had with mountain bikers screaming down hills at 35 mph, much less offered to pay for any injuries they have caused. Nor has the BTC ever volunteered to rehab the illegal trails that Michael Moore, a BTC leader, was caught building on several different public lands, including Point Reyes National Seashore land.


Well, gosh, it must be nice being holier-than-thou, at least until the truth comes out. You guys are like the Bush administration: Don't listen to anybody else, we'll just talk to each other and reinforce our own version of reality. The reality is that I never see hikers cutting switchbacks, but bikers always cut or round out switchbacks so as not to slow down, defeating the purpose of a switchback which is to run the water off the trail.



Carlo Gardin


PS- Yes , I love to bike on Mt. Tam, but sometimes I want to wear a face shield so people don't associate me with people like the BTC  or your group.