>> [mjv] Can't you WALK? If you want to get away from the city, why do you
>> bring it with you?! You guys make no sense whatsoever.
>Yes I can walk, but not 30 miles just to get to the hiking site. Once I
>get there, where the cars can't continue, I still don't want to just
>leave my bike unattended. There are a few unscrupulous individuals that
>may steal the bike, but more red neck hunters that might just use it for
>target practice. Every time I get too trusting of my fellow man, I get
>screwed somehow. Personal encounters usually (not always) go well, but
>there seems to be something about leaving something of value with nobody
>watching it that brings out the worst in people. The hike to the
>waterfall is about 2, maybe 3 miles of serious uphill so not many people
>make it. I can ride about half to maybe 2/3 of that and have to drag or
>better yet carry the bike when I go there. I will leave the bike on the
>deer path just beyond the waterfall because most people are too fried to
>follow that one, which has a 45 degree angle on the hill side I am
>walking on (read, slip and nasty fall down to the water over rocks). I
>have hiked that all the way out of the preserve and into the next
>county, stopping only at a very serious looking cable across the creek
>with big "No trespassing" signs very prolifically placed.
>Nice long hike with minimal bike to get there. I know I am hiking on the
>deer trail and it is not a people trail but it is the farthest back into
>nature I can get starting from home with a bike and not a car.
>Bill Baka <larrys707@sbcglobal.net>