From: "b_hasenjaeger" <>
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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 01:48:24 -0000
Subject: There's shuttling, then there's SHUTTLING

A friend of mine in Southern Cal recently shuttled a ride in the local
mountains, by helicopter!

You see, he has a buddy who's job is to pick-up new helicopters and
fly them to the owner (what a job, eh?). One of the 'copter mfg's is
in So Cal. On a delivery trip last weekend the guy collected his
helicopter, then flew my friend and his bike to the top of Saddleback
peak, thus avoiding a 9 mile 4000' climb known as the Harding Truck
Trail. My friend then enjoyed a fun "little" downhill jaunt called Joplin.

So, for those of you critical of shuttling and suggesting we have to
"earn" the descent, I say "Bah!". Earn schmern, this is cool.

Pic's here if you're interested. I especially like the one's where
he's flying over his friends as they are climbing up.