I was wondering where they would find "leaders in environmental advocacy", since all of the speakers are mountain biking advocates, NOT environmental advocates. I have yet to hear any of them advocate protection of the environment. HAVE YOU? On the contrary, they all advocate destroying more habitat to build mountain more biking trails.

Well, maybe they should have told the truth, because I understand that exactly ONE person from the entire San Francisco Bay Area, other than the speakers, showed up to learn how to be a conscientious mountain biker, from people who themselves aren't conscientious mountain bikers. OF COURSE. Obviously, mountain bikers (including the speakers) aren't really interested in learning how to be conscientious. So maybe they should stop pretending!


Developing the Conscientious Mountain Biker is a panel discussion using positive role models to educate new cyclists into becoming contributing members of the community in a safe, healthy, and environmentally-friendly manner.  Our panelists will include historical leaders in the sport and environmental advocacy, and extra effort will be made to be inclusive of women and youth for our audience. Bring your questions for Jim Hasenauer (IMBA), Matt Fritzinger (NorCal HS MTB League), Colleen Wanty (LunaChix), Marc Rossi (Jamis Bicycles), and Jacquie Phelan (WOMBATS).  From 5-8pm Sports Basement (in the Presidio) will be providing drinks and snacks and a great 15% off on the night with 5% of related sales going to the Breast Cancer Fund.  More info: http://www.sportsbasement.com