Trails rules should put protection first

I thank John Dakin for his Nov. 21 letter in which he speaks of peace and solitude on Marins narrow trails, and their destruction in the presence of bicyclists on those same trails.

Our culture of today allows us few places where we can experience peace in nature. Mount Tamalpais and Marins open spaces provide us with that opportunity.

With the unceasing encroachment of materialism and technology into our lives, our souls need the mountains and hills in order to help us experience being at one with our essence and the earth.

However, we continue to be in danger of losing this rare refuge. As we all know, there is a significant number of bicyclists who place their desires for speed and reckless daring on our narrow trails far above the health and safety of the rest of us.

There is a Buddhist saying: All haste is a form of violence. Bicyclists riding on our narrow trails bring violent destruction of our peace through fear and confrontation. They also bring violent destruction of the bodies of hikers and horse riders.

I truly hope these bicyclists soon learn to see the reality of what they are doing and surrender their misguided desires to the benefit of their better natures and the rest of us.

Larry Ball, San Rafael