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White Trail by delahoot, Boston, Massachusetts

Medium aerobic difficulty

Hard technical difficulty

8.0 mi

Prime East Coast Singletrack. Deep wooded and very rocky technical singletrack. Some of the best technical rock drops and climbs in New England. Summer is always the best time to ride. Unfortunately the "best" trails are always off limits.

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Comments by other riders

Mystery Rider


This trail is OFF LIMITS (according to hikers) and it is the balls. Try riding at night time the rating jumps from three to four stars cuz you can't see roots and rocks. If u ride it have fun and don't stop to talk to hikers cuz they'll chew u out.

Nomah of Mammoth Lakes, California


This is the greatest stretch of technical singletrack in the country. It is the standard by which all other technical singletrack anywhere should be judged. If you're an Eastcoast rider, you love the flat stuff. Can't be bothered with all that Westcoast-riding-for-hours-uphill-foreplay-BS. Nah, you just wanna go right for the gusto, no foreplay, just bring me the good stuff. Ten seconds into the trail and over the problem. Also try the orange and blue trails. Respect the Fells because the place is sacred. Go Sox!