Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 17:01:06 -0800
From: Frank Lurz <>
Subject: Re: Budweiser Supports Mountain Biking

Mike Vandeman wrote:


> See


> Please ask them not to support such a destructive sport, which conflicts

> their claim of support for protecting the environment.

For more than 4 decades I have enjoyed an ice cold Bud after a long day

hiking on the trail. As increasing numbers of ill-tempered individuals

on mountain bikes have made hiking increasingly unpleasant, I have all

but entirely ceased hiking. On those occasions when I do hike, I now

conclude my day with a cold draft of one of your competitor's beers. I

have contacted my fellow outdoorsmen (not spoiled infants on bikes), via

the internet and have informed them, as I am now informing you, that

until Budweiser openly withdraws its support for infants, I will no

longer purchase Budweiser beer. I drink beer with and for men only.
Frank Lurz