Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000:

Subject: Gordon R. Cessford's Research on User Impacts

NEMBA, IMBA, and many other mountain bike advocacy groups like to cite Gordon R. Cessford's research on user impacts which was published by the Department of Conservation, Wellington, New Zealand. This tired old report claims "Although mountain bikes clearly do have physical impacts on tracks, these did not appear to be of any greater significance than those from other track users, despite the general perception to the contrary."

Did the New Zealand Department of Conservation AGREE with Mr. Cessford's study? Apparently, not. All of New Zealand's National Parks BAN mountain bikes (vehicles) except for use on public roads. Most Department of Conservation lands have the same requirement. Cessford's study is not generally recognized as being notable.

The New Zealand Conservation Authority consists of thirteen members - five appointed after consultation with the Ministers of Maori Affairs, Tourism, and Local Government - one appointed on the nomination of Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu - three appointed on the recommendations of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Forest and Bird and Federated Mountain Clubs - and four appointed from public nominations. In making all the appointments the Minister has regard to the interests of conservation, natural earth and marine sciences, and recreation.

Terri Alvillar

Fairfax, CA