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Subject: Acerbic posts or legitimate concerns? BTC's Jim Jacobsen was dead wrong.

December 2, 2000


On July 30, 1999, Jim Jacobsen, president of the Bicycle Trails Council of

Marin (BTC), posted the following comment on the internet:

<<<<<I am responsible for designing and directing the trail project at


and have heard from Terri before.

None of the allegations in Terri Alvillar's latest post are correct. As many

of you know, we have built a 6 mile trail system useable only with a permit

available from the scouts.

The county knows all about the trails there and have not required permits for

any of it. I keep the county open space and planning department fully

informed about the trails we are building there, and they don't have any

problems with them.

The scouts have always had a system where each new trail is a separate

project and each trail requires permission to build. This policy has not

changed, and being on their properties committee, I am aware of any problems

the scouts have with the trails and their use.

Terri has been very vocal on many Marin County bike issues and this is yet

another example. Please disregard her comments. Some of you have already

pegged Terri correctly. I will not engage in a flame war with her, but do

wish to inform the list readers of the true facts about Tamarancho.


Jim Jacobsen, President

Bicycle Trails Council of Marin>>>>>>

That message was in response to my posting:

<<<<This "spectacular" new trail system consisted of excavating thousands of

cubic yards of watershed topsoil (without county permits), blocking natural

drainage areas (without county permits), building bridges (without county

permits), cutting [live] protected native tree species (without county


ruining wildlife habitat, and using undiluted herbicides to reduce the need

for "trail maintenance." Terri Alvillar>>>

Last month the County of Marin confirmed that all the BTC's singletrack

trails built at Camp Tamarancho were unauthorized and were built illegally.

Now the property owner must apply for permits retroactively for the

excavation and construction of the existing 6.5 miles of singletrack which

Jim Jacobsen calls the BTC's "resume."

The Bicycle Trails Council of Marin, the International Mountain Bicycling

Association (IMBA), along with their "trail care crews," the Forest Knolls

Freewheelers, corporate sponsors Subaru of America, Inc., RockShox, SOBE,

PowerBar, etc., and all the "volunteers" who helped deface this beautiful

property, including its several USGS blue line streams, are now formally

implicated in illegal mountain bike trail building.

Terri Alvillar

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Fri, 08 Dec 2000:

From: Terri Alvillar <Rosieres@AOL.COM>


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If mkelley@DNAI.COM is not the same Michael Kelley who founded the Bicycle

Trails Council of the East Bay, was a co-founder of the International

Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), is/was on the Board of Directors of

IMBA, and supported the trail building at Camp Tamarancho, etc. then please

ignore the following post:

Let us examine the facts.

For the past six years (at least) the Bicycle Trails Council (BTC) with the

support of its East Bay counterpart (BTCEB) has engaged in the construction

of illegal bicycle trails on the property known as Camp Tamarancho, near

Fairfax, CA.

These bicycle trails have been constructed across at least FOUR (4) USGS blue

line streams. ALL of this property and its streams consist of CRITICAL

HABITAT for Central Coast Steelhead and Coho Salmon. NONE of these bicycle

trails was constructed with ANY permit from ANY jurisdiction, whether the

County of Marin, Department of Fish and Game, National Marine Fisheries

Service, Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Board, etc.

Despite years of public denial by Jim Jacobsen, BTC president, the County of

Marin has just announced that excavation permits and environmental review

according to CEQA are being required retroactively.

The damage to this steep, beautiful, and fragile property has been

phenomenal, including, 5,000-8,000 cubic yards of topsoil excavated during

winter months with no permits, dozens of healthy, protected, native trees

felled (including Redwood, Madrone, Oak, Buckeye, Bay, Toyon, Douglas Fir,

riparian species, etc.) countless natural drainage areas blocked and rocked,

cut and fill across historic landslumps, tens of thousands of square feet of

surface vegetation destroyed (including groud iris, baby blue eyes, fetid

adder's tongue, shooting star, paintbrush, etc.), construction of at least

five bridges (paid for by large corporations which sponsor mountain bike

racing events), including one bridge 48' in length over a USGS blue line

stream which was chemically treated and installed without any permits (live

trees were cut down to place this structure and considerable excavation

exists parallel, and very close to, this stream.

Any mountain biking advocate who hopes to be taken seriously must take a

stand regarding the illegal trail building by the Bicycle Trails Council of

Marin at Camp Tamarancho, and the enormous environmental damage it has caused

to that property and to neighboring properties.

Terri Alvillar

Fairfax, CA

Fri, 08 Dec 2000:

From: Terri Alvillar <Rosieres@AOL.COM>


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In a message dated 12/7/00 11:19:25 PM, ChrisValle@AOL.COM writes:

<< This isn't my usual tack, but I'm concerned about this accusation. Terri


repeatedly written that the construction on Camp Tamarancho was illegal. It

would be useful information to those concerned with the issue of bicycles on

trails to learn in what respect the work was illegal. >>

The County of Marin requires an excavation permit for movement of over 250 cu

yds of soil (this project was several thousand cubic yards), on slopes of

over 20% (many of these slopes are 60% or more), movement of earth within, or

along the banks of any watercourse or (for this location) within one hundred

feet of a watercourse, removal lowing under or burial of over ten thousand

square feet of vegetation on slopes exceeding fifteen percent, etc. All of

the previous conditions exist from the construction of these trails and no

permits were obtained.

The County requires permits for felling live trees, especially "protected"

ones. No permits were obtained for any of the healthy trees cut to build

these trails.

The County requires permits for bridge construction. At least four bridges

were built by the BTC without permits.

There is no use permit for bicycle trails - only hiking and equestrian

trails. Combining bicycles with people and horses on trails narrower than 7'

is inconsistent with the Countywide Plan policy. There is no use permit to

charge a fee for the use of the property.

<< There is no obvious distinction to be drawn between the construction of

bicycle trails and hiking trails.>> There is a definite distinction. A bike

trail tread must maintain a gradient of 7-8% which requires many switchbacks.

For a singletrack bike trail 2' wide, one mile long, on a slope of 60%,

excavation would be almost 400 cu yds. The entire BTC project is about 9

miles long.

The BTC has always claimed that no permits were required. They were. Not

only that but the permits trigger CEQA. This entire project has never had

CEQA review but now it will. In addition, there have been tremendous

off-site and cumulative impacts as a result of this project which finally

will be analyzed according to CEQA.

This private property is the same as all property subject to local or

regional zoning and building codes.

You can't imagine the damage unless you see it for yourself.

Terri Alvillar

Fri, 08 Dec 2000:

From: Terri Alvillar <Rosieres@AOL.COM>

Subject: Re: [SFB-GEN*] Back to the original point

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Mkelley@DNAI.COM said

<<<<In rejecting the mountain bikers, you are turning away huge numbers of

constituents who could make the difference in achieving your goals. I

urge the Bay Chapter to reconsider its approach. Look at science rather

than prejudice when determining the impact of bikes.>>>>

The reason I brought up the Camp Tamarancho issue is that its reality exposes

the contradictions embodied in Mr. Kelley's post. The Bicycle Trails Council

of Marin calls the trail construction at the camp their "resume." The

project is a resume of environmental destruction, and it is only one of many

such resumes the mountain biking industry has produced in Marin County and

all over the world. Not prejudice but an overwhelming body of factual

evidence demonstrates that the sport of mountain biking is damaging or

destroying our precious natural resources at an alarming rate. Mr. Kelley's

sentimental appeal just doesn't fly.

Terri Alvillar