Tue, 05 Dec 2000:

From: Chris Valle-Riestra <ChrisValle@AOL.COM>

Subject: Re: [SFB-GEN*] Mountain Bikers Use Physical Threats to Intimidate Their Criti...

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On July 4 of this year, a mountain biker assaulted me while I was doing

volunteer trail maintenance on Mt. Tamalpais (MMWD lands). What happened

(brief summary) was that two of them came hurtling down a narrow trail

without slowing. The second one brushed against me, lost his balance, and

went flying into the brush on the downhill side of the trail. He accused me

of pushing him, and it ended up with him jumping on top of me and throttling

me as I lay sprawled backward on the ground. In conversations with other

mountain bikers who have been riding illegally, I have observed that many of

them will quickly, and without provocation, turn to talk of possible

violence. It appears that many of the outlaw riders are unsocialized, rich,

spoiled brats. Also, I think that when they are riding on rough trails, the

adrenaline is flowing; that they mostly realize that by riding illegally on

closed trails, they will be really pissing people off; and that they are thus

primed for a confrontation.

Marc Boucher's comment (quoted by Terri Alvillar) that one day maybe they'll

"all have a chance to lay a big skid strip in her front yard" is interesting.

The illegal riders I speak with invariably claim that they ride in such a way

that they do not skid, and do not damage trails. Of course this is

nonsense--SOMEONE has to be causing the tire damage that one can easily see

on many trails.

Chris Valle-Riestra