I will definitely visit and share your web site address and information. I firmly believe that

small grassroots groups can accomplish great things if determined enough.

Some of my neighbors and I are just learning the "ropes" of government

bureaucracy and are trying our hardest to combat knee-jerk "increase the

tax-base" urban sprawl and the utter destruction we have witnessed in only 10

years of mountain bikes on single track trails in our state parks (most of

these trails were created by deer and are now wide enough to take a Hummer

through!). Per Dept. of Environmental Quality staff, the Red-tailed hawks

that were plentiful at Holly Recreation area only 5 years ago have completely

disappeared from the area now that the trails are used exclusively by people

on mountain bikes (most other users have also been displaced since the bikers

took over. The main reason; they don't want to get run over by a bike

traveling at speeds of 25 MPH or more). To me this is an abomination. The

mountain bikers around here know me well. Often times on their BB they will

say things like "the wrath of Rachel". The best kind of compliment! At

least I am getting their attention :) Best of luck to you. Let me know if

you need any help from people in Michigan.