Mountain bike activists have sunk to a new low

January 27, 2001

Dear Editor:

Mountain biking activists (their leaders, no less) have stooped to a new low

by having young children make telephone calls to adults, to debate the issue

for them. Because of my right to take a position on a public issue, I have

begun to receive telephone calls at my home from adults who do not

identify themselves.

On January 26, I received a call from an obviously young child asking me if I

hate bike riding, and other similar confrontational questions. I clearly

heard an adult whispering to the child but I answered the child's questions

because I felt sorry that this innocent young person was being manipulated.

The child identified the name of the adult who put him up to the call which I

will retain. My husband, a police officer, was home to verify what occurred.

It is no secret that I oppose illegal mountain biking and the damage it

causes. Because this is known, the call was not intended to be anything but

a prank by nameless adults who chose to whisper to a child rather than speak

directly. The call to my home is an escalation in negative and cowardly

behavior by mountain bike activists who have already made numerous threats to

my neighbors and me, in addition to vandalizing private property and

physically attacking some who have objected to their destructive conduct.

However, to be so irresponsible as to place a child in the middle of the

issue, without having the scruples to identify themselves, shows that these

people will stop at nothing to further their cause.


Terri Alvillar