Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001

From: [a friend]

Subject: Re: Sierra Club Wildlife Committee Resolution

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Frank, et al,

It is my experience in Los Angeles, that mountain bike lobbies have not been

engaged in saving open space. For example, the Ahmanson Ranch, a huge

development, has been put on hold by the efforts of local residents and

environmentalists. Neither IMBA nor their local affiliate, CORBA, have

been active in saving the land from development. Perhaps one reason is that

Washington Mutual (owner of the Ahmanson property and funder of the

development) is a prime sponsor of the annual Bike Expo. The LA Bike Expo is

headed by Peter Heumann, a CORBA member and major defender of mountain bike

interest in So. Cal. Mr. Heumann is a bike promoter. His major sponsor is

Washington Mutual.

Enough said.

Most of their "noise" has been made over already existing permanently

dedicated open space.

The Sierra Club has done far more, been far more vocal. If lenders like

Washington Mutual support mountain bike clubs, then it is reasonable to

assume that mountain bike clubs will not "bite the hand that feeds them".