Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001

From: Frank Lurz <>

Subject: Only a "Few" Scofflaws

Our parks and land management agencies ask little more of mountain bikers than that they observe the speed limit and use only roads and trails opened to bikes. In defiance, cyclists not only refuse, but have gone on to abuse other park visitors, threaten local residents, and vandalize both public and private property. Insisting the vast majority to be responsible, law abiding and environmentally conscious, cyclists assert that only a few scofflaw bikers are responsible.

Were this true, one would think that the County's move toward more stringent enforcement of park regulations would have been welcomed enthusiastically by these people, including Michael More, director of the Bicycle Trails Council of Marin and four-year member of the County's Open Space and Trails Committee. Not surprisingly, they're adamantly opposed, including Mr. More. Why? What do the innocent have to lose? Could it be it's not just a small number of culprits after all, but the majority of cyclists who are guilty? Mr. More, recently caught building an illegal bicycle trail on GGNRA land, would seem to have eloquently answered this question.

Frank Lurz