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February 13, 2001

Seven-year Board member of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), Carl M. Birkelbach, today responded to the news that IMBA-sponsored Bicycle Trails Council of Marin's Director, Michael More, was caught by a ranger building an illegal trail on federal lands (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) in Marin County, California.

Mr. Birkelbach's response was this: "Gandhi and M. L. King Jr. also protested unjust laws. If Mr. More did this as a protest, he would be justified and among good company, although he must still bear the consequences of nonviolent protest" [I thought that nonviolent protest is supposed to be done openly, not secretly!].

Mr. Birkelbach is Midwest Regional Coordinator for IMBA, and president of RIDE (Recreation for Individuals Dedicated to the Environment). One of RIDE's sponsors is the SRAM Corp. which just co-sponsored the mountain biking video "Superheros" which features illegal mountain biking on Federal, County, and private land, as well as gross public indecency.

Mr. Birkelbach has negotiated for trail access with the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, Illinois Trail Riders and the Palos Restoration Group. He has said their plan "does not include enough varied experiences (code word for single track)." He urges mountain bikers to get involved. Mr. More was "involved." For four years, he was a citizen member of the Marin County Open Space District Trails Committee, representing mountain bicyclists. He recently circulated a sample letter opposing increased fines for illegal mountain biking and illegal trail building.

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