Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001


Subject: Fwd: (BIKE CLUB LEADER HYPROCRITES) What's good for the goose is good for the gander

February 15, 2001


Dear Mssrs. Cunningham and Southerland:

My husband is a devoted fan of your radio station (sick puppy that he is),

although I am not. I am only grateful that I have survived our marriage

without the challenge of Dirty Friday.

On the subject of the recent furor over certain comments made allegedly

threatening the safety of bicyclists and motorcyclists, I have a few

comments. First of all, anyone who listens to KSJO for any length of time at

all, knows that the risk of listening is that YOU WILL BE INSULTED IN A

VARIETY OF WAYS. As I have found that the average IQ of a mountain biker is

routinely less than the level of air pressure in a depressed tricycle tire, I

am not surprised at the outcry.

As a former bicycle commuter between San Rafael and San Francisco, I am

keenly aware of the dangers of the road. If I thought for a moment that any

remarks emanating from KSJO would be taken with more than a pulverized grain

of kosher salt as ACTUALLY SERIOUS, I would be outraged also. However,

having been subjected to the perpetual drone of all forms of human

degradation presented on your radio station (which for some reason entertains

people like my husband), I know better.

What is very amusing to me is that some of the writers who have sent you

letters of indignation are leaders of mountain biking organizations whose

members have threatened or caused physical harm to HIKERS if they're not

allowed to build, and ride on, singletrack trails wherever they want,

whenever they want, however they want, and who DRIVE HIKERS AND HORSES OFF

THE TRAIL!! One of the respondents in an email to you dated today has even

bragged about his knowledge of illegal trail construction in Marin County!!

These are the LEADERS of organizations which promote illegal off-road

bicycling, and who threaten and bully people who object to it!!

So there you have it. Hypocrisy, par excellence!!

On a serious note, motorists are woefully ignorant about the comprehensive

rights of on-road cyclists as outlined in the California Vehicle Code.

Terri Alvillar