Date: Mon, 21 May 2001:

From: "Robert" <>

Subject: Re: Mountain biker runs down hiker in Missoula, MT, flees

Cc: Eric Stump <>

I think that you are the one that should be honest. I think you are a liar

and probably have an unseen and unspoken agenda. The lands managed by the

government, be it state or federal, are all of ours for use. Regardless if

you don't like it. We are guerrilla riders precisely because of people like

you who for some reason don't seem to like people on bikes. I have been

riding for 2 years now and have never caused harm to anyone. That includes

the people like you who like to remind bikers that trails are closed. The

only thing I have ever done that might have been slightly rude is told them

to mind their own business and ridden away. Until young people of my

mindset, that would be a fair mindset by the way, come into power on the

local and federal level, I will continue to ride "illegally". Oh and by the

way, I would never think of banning hikers from trails, even close-minded,

misinformed, and disingenuous ones like yourself.

There is nothing wrong with ignoring an immoral law.

Rob Frank