People Who Have Been Seen Biking Illegally


Manuel (Julian) Alcala (caught on Side-O in Berkeley, which he admitted in court)

Justin Bruss (caught on Side-O in Berkeley, which he admitted in court)

Patty Ciesla (caught red-handed re-opening a closed trail)

Neil Daskal, William McBride, & Michael Philip More (convicted of building a 4-mile illegal trail in Marin County)

Conrad Webb, 220 Carmel Ave., El Cerrito

2NCT327 (gray Toyota van)

John Bock, David Michel, & Cory Ross (caught trying to take their bikes onto a closed trail, 3/4/2006)

Saba Fazeli (

Isaac Hirsh (admits riding an illegal trail in Berkeley; born around 1993)

Tom Holub (caught 10/21/07 mountain unicycling with 10 friends on UC Berkeley property:

Nathan & Beau Hoover, Kevin(phlegm), Mike, Tom, Lewis(skilewis74), Corbin Dunn, Ashley, Jeff (Geoff?), & Steve (stevyo) (unicycling with Tom Holub)

Phil McCracken , from Oakland, CA (admitted riding an illegal trail in Berkeley)

James Lanham (caught on Side-O in Berkeley, which he admitted in court)

Tyler Miller (caught on Side-O in Berkeley, which he admitted in court)

Michael Philip More (caught building illegal trails in GGNRA and then later in China Camp State Park)

Jacque Phelan (Caught red-handed by MMWD staff sawing brush for illegal mountain bike riding on Happersberger trail which is off limits to bikes)

Ian Bowen Richards (caught riding with three minors (i.e., contributing to the delinquency of a minor); admitted in court that he has ridden Side-O in Berkeley about 3000 times; he was the captain of the Berkeley High School Mountain Bike Race Team, which was forbidden to ride illegally)

Kurt Richards (caught riding illegally on UC Berkeley property; works at Hank & Frank Bicycles, Oakland, CA)

Keith White Keith.White@Sun.COM (admitted riding closed trails & riding at night)

Stephen Robinson ("a Weekend Warrior from San Francisco, CA,Favoriate Trail: Side-O, Berkeley")

Hal Wolter (says his favorite trail is "side-o", on UC Berkeley property)

The Sedona Five (rode the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon National Park, when the park was closed; the trail is never open to bikes)

Derek Fallberg, Brad Bowler, & Daryl Khoo (videotaped themselves riding illegally in Berkeley)

Isaac Hirsh, Isaac Bauer (photographed riding side-o)



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