Sent to the Forest Service:

Thank you for doing the right thing, and banning bikes (but not mountain bikers -- they are all capable of walking!)! The mountain bikers don't bother to find out that there is no "right" to mountain bike. That was settled in federal court back in 1994!: Any land manager has the right to ban bikes from trails, as long as they give a good reason. There are many good reasons! Accelerating erosion, harming wildlife, and intimidating hikers and equestrians are just a few of them. Note that they promise to keep breaking the law, there and elsewhere!

Thanks for standing up to these bullies!

Mike Vandeman

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From: Robert <>
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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 12:27:55 +0900
Subject: US forest service....

Violence and verbal abuse is never warranted - nor the implication of it.

But, a much much stronger civil disobedient stance and action by our mt
biking community is appropriate.

The organizations that represent us must always be diplomatic, level
headed, cooperaterative and follow current rules etc......but us as
individuals is different. As an individual mt biker, acting alone and not
representing those orgs that work so hard for our collective cause, must
speak and act aggressively pushing the envelop of legality; sending a
strong message to rule makers and other user groups that we will NEVER
roll over and give up our rights. We will never just fade away, never
give up, and never be obedient in the face of unjust political rule making
and alternative user group lambastation.

As an individual, my responsibility to protect my right to ride is
different than that when I am associated with an official organization that
is representing and also fighting for my right to ride.

In private we must be more aggressive. I would never poach, publicly. But
somehow all those unsanctioned trails seem to appear, and must continue to


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