November 20, 2008


Dear President Obama:

I doubt that you will hear this from anyone else, but it is the truth, anyway.

Your (and our) top priority MUST be the preservation of wildlife (all species of living things other than humans and domesticated species) and their habitat. They obviously can't protect themselves from us. And just about everything that we value depends on them. They provide oxygen, clean air, clean water, food, medicines, and essential services, such as pollination, pest control, and the recycling of wastes. And places to relax (i.e., parks)! The "dumb and dumber" conservative majority of the Supreme Court -- the people who just determined that Navy exercises are more important than whales (!) MUST be overridden.

Second, we need to stop drilling for and burning fossil fuels. An electrical engineer, Robert Godes, has developed a process for (relatively) cold fusion (see, which requires only nickel or palladium and converts water to oxygen and helium, releasing enormous quantities of cheap energy. It will replace the consumption of fossil fuel.

Sincerely yours,

Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D.