Mountain Bike Serious Accident stories fill GoFundMe:

One year 2015-2016…

Google: “gofundme mountain bike accident” (posted is just one googled page out of

“Jeff has been an avid mountain biker for years. He has gone all over the U.S. finding new places to ride and enjoy. He owns his own business and loves to travel with his wife, family, and friends. Most importantly he is a beloved husband, father, and grandfather.  One moment changed his life forever. On a trip out of his homestate he got into a serious mountain biking accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. In critical condition he had emergency spinal surgery. He is expected to regain use of his arms, but the chances of him ever walking again are 1 in 200,000.

 “In June of 2015, Brian suffered a tragic mountain biking accident that left him on ventilator support and paralyzed from the neck down.”

“On Friday April 22, 2016 at 4pm Chris Hukill fell off his mountain bike about 200 feet down the Telonics mountain in Laguna Canyon. He survived the fall, but he is in critical care and suffered a spinal cord injury. Chris will need aggresive physical therapy in order to regain movement in his arms and legs and will be out of work for a long time.”

“Jeff Elliot suffered a spinal cord injury on March, 30th while doing what he loves, riding his mountain bike.
His spinal cord was severed in the accident, leaving him a paragplegic paralyzed from the chest down.”

“On May 20, 2015, Steven Short was in a tragic mountain bike accident. He was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center. There he was treated in the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit for seven days. His injuries were critical and ultimately fatal. Steven passed away May 27, 2015 from traumatic brain injuries.”

“Kyle Armstrong was recently involved in a terrible mountain biking accident that landed him in the ICU at Harbor View hospital in Seattle.”

“Saturday October 10th, 2015 Alec unfortunately had a bad accident on his mountain bike in Park City, UT. He was Life Flighted to the University of Utah Medical Center and is currently in the Critical Care Unit undergoing several procedures and surgeries including a Craniectomy where they removed a large portion of his skull in order to relieve pressure on the brain.”

Campbell, a 33-year-old Prince George resident, is currently at the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver. He's paralyzed from the chest down, the result of a mountainbike crash on May 19 on Cranbrook Hill.

The MTB carnage is endless… L --> Charlie Cunningham... and many other “notables” in the mountain biking community… the second page of this Google search is mostly about mountain biking accidents that have lead to death. The list seems endless of lives cut short, or life-changing – all for a cheap and very dangerous thrill-ride on off-road mountain bikes… (the GoFundMe campaign is no longer up, but his is a message for all)

"While test riding a full suspension mountain bike amongst redwood trees, I fell off on a technical course and landed hard on my back. I couldn't move or stand and was in lots of pain, I was airlifted via helicopter to a San Jose hospital soon after.
"Tests and scans were done: my back is broken, specifically my T6 vertebrae.
"I'm in a huge brace for a few months and in bad shape, mentally and of course physically."

This must be handed out to every parent who thinks that mountain biking is a healthy sport for their son or daughter. Perhaps, school mountain bike leagues; MTB Kiddie Camps, etc. Include with every MTB Waiver form to be signed. View links to see the devastating photos. A Fun & Healthy Sport?!