What to Do in the Southwest


People and cities are, relative to the wildlife, pretty much the same everywhere. So I always recommend focusing first on nature. These suggestions are not necessarily in order of priority.


1. Grand Canyon National Park (I prefer the North Rim).


2. Bryce Canyon National Park (easy to see with little walking).


3. Dinosaur National Monument (dinosaur fossils & beautiful scenery).


4. Arches National Park.


5. Canyonlands National Park.


6. Mesa Verde National Park (ancient ruins).


7. Four Corners (Native American vendors).


8. Canyon De Chelly National Monument (beautiful canyon & ancient ruins).


9. Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site (Native American rugs and other crafts).


10. Petrified Forest National Park (beautiful scenery & petrified wood).


11. Zion National Park.


12. Death Valley National Park (awesome desert & endangered pupfish).


13. Capitol Reef National Park (petroglyphs).


14. Great Basin National Park (4000-year-old bristlecone pines).


15. Saguaro National Park (beautiful desert plants).


16. Edge of the Cedars State Park / Museum & other museums: http://www.utahscanyoncountry.com/museums.html