The Supreme Court Is Supremely Irrelevant

Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D.

September 29, 2020


The Supreme Court, by catering to the Republicans, has made itself irrelevant. The Constitution is not the supreme law of the land! The laws of nature trump all human laws. Try to repeal the Law of Gravity! Make abortion illegal, so that the population of humans continues to expand and drive most other species to extinction! Allow corporations to outspend all citizens and unleash a wrecking ball on the environment that supports all life on the Earth! Take your noses out of the law books and look at the steaming cesspool that you have made of our country!


Only the rich can afford to go to court. You have turned the country into the Republicans’ vision of Heaven, where money is the only value. In 2000, the Supreme Court put its venal fingers on the scale to give George W. Bush the election, even though the court is not supposed to have any role in the election process. By means of illegal gerrymandering – while the Supreme Court looked the other way – the Republicans were able to take control of the Senate and the White House, and thereby turn the country into the very “swamp” that Trump promised to drain. As an illegitimate President, all of his actions, including court appointments, should be reversed! Science is no longer valued. People are no longer valued. Looking good takes precedence over protecting people from covid-19. Honesty is no longer valued. American values are no longer valued.


Some jurists think that we need to stick to the letter of the laws, as written. Okay, take the Second Amendment. It guarantees the right to own a gun. But not ammunition! So let’s ban ammunition! End of problem. Hypocrisy, thy name is “judge”.


Look around. Do you see the luxuriant “Garden of Eden” we found in North America some 25,000 years ago? Breathe the air. Is it natural, or full of toxic chemicals? How about our fresh waters and oceans? Are they as healthful as they were before we got here, or poisonous and acidic, the result of decades of unrestrained capitalistic mismanagement? Does the Supreme Court own any part of this disaster? If so, when did you plan to remedy it? Apparently, never!