Peace through Habitat Restoration and Other Public Service

While working to improve the world, you won’t have the time – or inclination - to worry about your own problems! You will be too busy experiencing the joy of making obvious progress and improving the lives of humans and wildlife! No experience necessary!

Commander Ben - Austin Kids Become Invasive Hunters at the Wildflower Center

East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society Restoration Projects

East Bay Regional Parks Habitat Restoration Volunteering Opportunities

Friends of Five Creeks: Habitat Restoration in the East Bay (from Berkeley to Richmond)

How (and Why) to Do Habitat Restoration

National Invasive Species Information Center (NISIC)

Pike’s Peak Industries: Cleaning up the world one piece of garbage at a time. Let our hand held tool assist in making the world a cleaner place.

"Service Trips" Are Obsolete!